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If you live in the Philadelphia, PA area, please note that Adam will be appearing at Head House Books from 5-7 PM on Friday, March 9th (619 South 2nd Street). He will read, draw, and move objects with only his mind, arm, and hand.

If you live in the Elkins Park/Cheltenham Township area, please come see Adam at the Elkins Park Library on Sunday, March 11th at 2 PM (563 Church Rd.). Adam will draw, read, possibly draw again, and tell fortunes if asked. DO YOU DARE ASK?


--2.14.07-- Happy Lincoln's birthday (late), Valentine's Day (on time), and Presidents Day (early), from the Rail-Splittin' Redeemer himself, the ever-honest Abraham SuperLincoln. History buffs will remember that ASL fought the Nazis in WWII with his sidekick Penny, and also served as our 16th President some years earlier. Thanks, ASL!


---12.16.06---HAPPY HOLIDAYS, etc.

Adam's been busy as three bees lately, but he had to post an update to say Happy Holidays, and thank you for making FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH a New York Times Bestseller.

And thanks to the New York Public Library for putting FRANK on their 2006 list of Titles for Reading and Sharing.

Also, check out the mini-site Harcourt created for FMaS here.


---9.28.06---SMALL BEAUTIES

SMALL BEAUTIES, by Elvira Woodruff, is now in stores. Adam illustrated it. Here he's signing a copy and making a weird face in the home of the family who posed for many of the illustrations. At left is star Emma, who posed for the book's main character, Darcy. Emma has enough personal charm and energy to power a carnival. Read more about the book here.


---9.10.06---HAT TRICK

FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH has officially lumbered, arms outstretched and groaning, out into the world. And this monstrous collection of stories has met not with angry, torch-wielding villagers, but rather with starred reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly. To read the reviews, click here.

Adam would also like to thank everyone at Harcourt and the Southern Independent Bookseller's Association for their hospitality down in Orlando this past weekend. You made him feel just like Sally Field must have during the Oscars that one time.


TREE RING CIRCUS has been honored by the Parent's Choice Foundation. Click the link to see their Spring 2006 award winners.

If that weren't enough cream in my coffee, there's a great review of FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH at the excellent blog A Fuse #8 Production, though she does take me to task for my mention of such odious subjects as poop and Britney Spears.


---6.01.06---N.P.T.F.I.W.M.F.A. DAY!

Yes, we know it's gotten too commercial, yes, we know it's just a holiday created by pet stores and monster dealerships to make money, but around here we like National Plant-A-Tree-And-Fill-It-With-Monsters-And-Funny-Animals-Day anyway.

We hope that, in addition to all the parades, tree-decorating, and chicken pong, you might consider buying one of our little books. They make great gifts, if you know someone who's into that sort of thing.


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